Why Jen-ai


Why skirts and dresses
We like it when you look good and feel confident. Jen-ai's skirts and dresses look stylish, feminine, and keep you covered. You get to look your best without worrying whether you've got a wedgie or are otherwise exposed. Jen-ai's paddle focused products redefine womens surfwear, surf dresses, the SUP skirt, and the river skirt.

We take over consumption seriously. We believe our products are worth making because they are so versatile and can be utilized under varied conditions and during countless activities. We hope that as folks shed their desires for more stuff, they'll keep Jen-ai apparel around for its versatility, durability, and of course the cute factor.

Where are Jen-ai products made?
All Jen-ai products are MADE IN COLORADO! It took a bit, but we figured it out and are excited to be producing in our home state and providing jobs to folks here.  We are commited to keeping production here and all of our gorgeous homesewn products ship directly from us to you with minimal packaging and transport in between.

What are your products made of?
All Jen-ai products are made with rePlay amphibian™ fabric. It is quick dry, durable, and has 90 - 100% recycled content. See individual product descriptions for more details.  

What do you do to reduce your resource consumption?
Besides only making items we see as really useful, our main focus is creating an apparel production cycle that requires no extraction. That means we spend most of our time researching materials that are diverted from the waste stream and repurposed or recycled into functional fabrics for use in our products. We are proud to have developed rePlay™ fabrics made with 90% and 100% recycled content.

Our solid guarantee and quality construction help to decrease our demand on raw materials for garments.  

Our sticker hangtag is PVC-free and contains no petroleum, chemical toxins, bleaching agents, or acid.  And is produced with zero water consumption and printed with vegetable inks!  We also keep our office as paperless as possible, always reuse paper, and when we need to, purchase only process chlorine free (pcf) 100% post-consumer content or tree free paper products.

When can I wear my Jen-ai products?
Whenever you want. Though they're made to withstand the realities of paddling, our skirts and dresses love it all: sea, street, snow, trail, river, road, mountain, field, court, and cliff.  Our favorites right now are yoga, running, and the brew pub.  Let us know when you wear it, and send us your photos. We love photos.

How do I wear my skirts?

All Jen-ai products have the sewn in label at the center back.  

Our Derby Skirt is self explanatory, as is the Dress.

Our Knee Skirt has two shorter slits at your knees, and one center back slit with the velcro and tie fly on the side, and stash pocket on your butt.

Our SUP Shortie Skirt has two side slits, a velcro and tie fly on the side, and our stash pocket on your butt.

When you want more coverage or a more feminine look, our skirts are great cover-ups over swim suits, boy shorts and spandex, leggings, even ski pants. Our ingenious Hip Grip™ holes let you discreetly clip or tie your bottoms to your skirt when skirt spin is unwelcome. You can use bobby pins, alligator hair clips and the like. Or if you're really committed, add a button to your favorite bottoms.

If you have more questions, Let us know.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jenai Skirts have become an item that is ALWAYS with me when I am enjoying a day in the sun and in the water.  It is the perfect thing for women that want to wear a swim suit and cover their legs, and it has a pocket! - Julie Harper

I love the soft and stylish headband! It is perfect for my runs and for running around town.- Jen G. Portland OR