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Ever since Jen-ai and her good friend Alice hiked Mt. Harvard (14,420') in ball gowns to celebrate Alice's birthday; Jen-ai has spent her summers rafting in skirts and dresses, and girls and ladies have commented on how great it is to see a girl guiding in a dress. Then, one winter, in warm Pacific waters, Jen-ai thought nothing of paddling out for a dawn surf session in a mini skirt she had made. It worked well enough in the small stuff.

From them on, Jen-ai wanted to look fantastic and female with her butt covered every time she surfed. Knowing if it could surf, it could do anything, she set out to make a cute short skirt that would stay on and work under the dynamic conditions of surfing. Being an international guide always on the move, it had to be the perfect travel skirt too. 

Today all of our products take up very little space in the backpack and keep you cute everywhere you go.  They flatter your figure in and out of the water.

And because we value our good health afforded by good times spent outside on earth, we're constantly working to reduce our consumption and waste. We are committed to hand sewing our products here in Colorado, USA, and using 100% recycled fabrics for all of our water loving pieces. See our commitments for more on that.

So whether you are paddling out or rowing downstream you can feel comfortable, cute, and good!



Jen-ai, at Imbabura base camp, in the SUP Shortie skirt.

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