Big Shade Visor

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Bring shade with you with Jen-ai's signature Big Shade visor. It provides huge shade for your face, neck and chest. #ProtectYourFace! This lightweight pliable visor is made of a super durable nylon and paper straw blend. You can roll it up or smoosh it into your pack, it'll bounce back for you. Great for a little bit of class while running, paddling, rafting, hiking, travelling. Jen-ai spins hers around toward the sun to keep herself shaded while being able to enjoy the view.  One Color - Classic Brown. One Size - adjustable with velcro. Will fit on really big heads (we're talking XL noggins), but may not fit snuggly on really small heads. Smooth fabric headband for all day comfort. *Note, we don't recommend you crush your visor while it's wet. It'll dry with some semi-permanent creases.