claire.jpgIn 2006, I decided to become a raft guide to fill the summer months when I couldn't snowboard in Colorado. I fell hard and fast for whitewater and it has become a huge motivation and joy in my life. There's nothing I've come across that is so endlessly exciting, challenging and also peaceful at the same time. Everyone you paddle with is either an old friend or a new one and everyone is smiling. I learned to kayak a few years after that and then stumbled on to a SUP board 2 summers ago in Salida, CO. I'm still learning this amazing sport but I'd say I'm hooked for life. There's always been a wannabe surfer-girl in me and standing on a board on a surging river wave or charging through a rapid on my feet has filled that hole and then some. I love SUP not only because it is insanely fun but also because it's growing like wild-fire and I get to introduce people to it all the time. I especially like traveling to places where SUP is not popular and making the people there ask 'why aren't we doing this?'. Right now I'm in physician assistant school and that takes up most of my time but I'll be finished in 2014 and the end result will be worth it; I can do river-side stitches for my paddle buddies!


adriene-athlete-pic.jpegI'm Adriene Levknecht, professional extreme whitewater kayaker and Paramedic for Greenville County EMS in South Carolina. I have won the Green Race in North Carolina for 5 years in a row and this year I am part of the 2013 US Freestyle Kayak Team. We will be competing at the Nantahala Outdoor Center at the Worlds of Freestyle kayaking in September against people from over 40 countries. I love water because that is what keeps my life going, I listen to water to calm myself, I use it as a meditation tool and for health. The power that water holds is terrifying and loving at the same time. I am so lucky that I am able to live a life surrounded by this amazing element.